• Welcome to Two Wheels Ahead

    At Two Wheels AHead we offer a wide selection of motor scooters. From the legendary Vespa and Piaggio, to the sporty Gilera Range. We are a family shop and give the kind of service you should have. 

    Our aim is to offer you a one stop shop. We have full dealer facilities with finance, servicing and accessories. If you want a your scooter personalized why not come in and talk to us from coloured bolts to a full paint job or a service to an engine tune we do it all.

    With the introduction of the £8 per day LONDON Congestion Charge for Car's. You can buy a brand new scooter, pay for the petrol and still save money. Motor scooters are exempt why pay to enter YOUR CITY. An added bonus is you have FREE PARKING, no waiting time no more traffic jams. £8 x 5 days = £40 a week in one year you could own a scooter for this much??????